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The AgSense AquaTrac Pro is a must have for those using any sort of moisture sensors. They make monitoring soil water content easy and convenient. At Midplains Ag we are striving to provide convenience to the farmer and this is just one of the items that does that.


The AquaTrac Pro is designed to read several brands of major soil moisture probes including AquaCheck, Acclima, Sentek, and Watermark. It gets the data from those probes consistently and reliably to your Wagnet user page, where your irrigation system data is also visible. Easily implement irrigation decisions based on soil profile moisture content with the click of a button, from the comfort of your desktop computer or handheld device. Soil moisture content will display in simple, easy to read graphs on your WagNet page.



  • Scaleable from single moisture probe to full weather station
  • Works with a wide variety of probes
  • Reliable communication
  • Wide array of additional sensors from temp, to rain buckets, to humidity
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